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There is limited space available for passenger luggage onboard the buses. As a result, the amount of luggage passengers can bring with them on the bus is restricted.

Minibus passengers may bring one carry-on bag:

  • Must be equivalent in size to an airline carry-on: no bigger than 20” long x 9” wide x 16” high (51 cm x 23 cm x 40 cm ).
  • Must be able to be safely stowed either in the overhead compartment or under a seat.

Coach passengers may bring one carry-on and up to two pieces of checked luggage:

  • Carry-on bag as described above
  • Checked luggage:
    • Each piece must be no bigger than 24” long x 45” wide x 24” high (61 cm x 114 cm x 61 cm)
    • Each piece must not weigh more than 50 lb. (23 kg.)
    • Please tag your checked luggage with your name and contact information.